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About Our Company

Drawing thousands of the world's technology leaders together to learn and do business.

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Our Mission

# To maintain the leading software solution provider ensuring benefit of customers, shareholders and employees
# Developing, disseminating and exploiting the remarkable experience, expertise and knowledge of all of our people
# Developing a distinctive competence in process development and project management

Our Vision

Powered by innovation, guided by integrity, deliver quality solutions to build The Digital Delta.

Our Value

Face of Art Technologies Ltd was established on Feb 15, 2011 & our Business Identification Number is 18151054783, Area Code 180305.It is owned and managed by a team of business professionals and technocrats, who have local and global experiences in business process analysis, automation and consultancy for ICT product parts serve in the present market demand. Our team has the unique skills that assure outstanding performance through consistency, accuracy, reliability, punctuality and honesty.